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Mount Molloy State School was first established in 1906 at Bakers Road Mount Molloy. Due to flooding it was relocated twice and officially opened in 1976 at its present location. 

Our catchment area is the Mount Molloy – Julatten area and our students transition to Mareeba or Mossman State High Schools.

Mount Molloy State School is situated 46 km south-west of Port Douglas and 43 km from Mareeba. Mount Molloy State School has a current enrolment of 35 students ranging from Prep to Year 6.  The school is currently organised into three multi-aged classes. 

Mount Molloy State School encourages parents to participate in their child/ren's education. Parents are invited into the school during special times of the year (e.g. Book fairs, Mother's Day, Father's Day, sporting events and the end of year presentation) and volunteers for our kitchen garden program. 

We hold high expectations for continuous improvement for each and every child in our school.  All students deserve a champion and we believe all students learn best by doing. Through collaborating with peers, engaging authentically with the learning material, and actively participating in learning experiences students deepen their independent, creative, and critical thinking skills.

Our teaching staff and students have a passion for learning and a thirst for knowledge to become life-long learners.  We embrace that experiences should be flexible, allowing students to engage with the curriculum content in ways that best suit their learning style. Flexibility also requires an innovative approach in that learning can truly happen in a variety of ways using multiple devices and mixed reality media. 

At Mt. Molloy State School we offer a rich and diverse range of educational activities.   A few examples of what the school has to offer your child follows:

Kitchen Garden Program

Every Friday the students participate in our Kitchen Garden program. The upper and lower school students rotate between the kitchen and garden every Friday. Students must wear a hat and correct shoes. Volunteers are welcome to assist in this invaluable program. Please contact the office to register as a volunteer.

Pumpin' Pizza Restaurant

This program is a student driven entrepreneurial enterprise. Pumpin' Pizza Restaurant is open to the general public once per term. Students in the senior class are actively involved in the advertising, financial literacy, food preparation and service. This program provides opportunities for students to learn about business planning, accounting processes, market surveys, data collection, costing, food preparation, hospitality and life skills. 

The staff, students and parents at Mount Molloy State School share the vision that prioritises the values of Respect, Safety, Self-Responsibility, and Effort as well as upholding our school motto of 'Success Follows Effort'.  Our students have empathy for all cultures and appreciates that everyone is deserving of respect in our society.  All staff and students live up to the high level of our shared school values.

We encourage parents, carers and the wider community to actively participate in the work of our school. In addition, importantly, we acknowledge and support the vital role that parents play as partners in their children's learning.

We are honoured that parents choose our school to educate their children. It is an act of trust and faith in the work that we do as a whole staff.  Teachers affect children's lives and as a profession, we have the power to create great good for both individuals and society.

I invite you to join us in this exciting and rewarding journey.

Bev Oldfield  - Teaching Principal

Last reviewed 27 May 2020
Last updated 27 May 2020